Heart Shoulder Bag with Cellpouch

Heart Shoulder Bag with Cell pouch

Handmade: crochet

Material: straw lace

This new bag I made is full of love because I used the shape  heart since I’m soo inspired and in love . It has a little heart accent in it’s lock too. It’s vibrant color and combination of crochet patterns make this bag more interesting. I’m sooooo excited to use this pair with my shoes and dress.

The cellphone pouch is designed to house 2 chargers and two phones. For my iPhone 5s and Cherry mobile S play  and it has 3 partitions to separate them.  It’s mask and one eye design accent in front and in back are some additional aesthetic features for this pouch. No more hard time finding my two phones and chargers while using the heart shoulder bag . It will all be housed safely in this cellpouch for easy access. I still have to put zipper in the middle part and the mask part .

I purposely put holes in those eyes since it is a mask design and when I put my iPhone 5s, it will look like this. Two meaningful eyes looking at you.


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