Mini Skirt Bag


Handmade: skirt recycled

I made this bag because I had many skirts that are small for us given as gift by my sister. I received this last December and since my daughter doesn’t like the color of this skirt for her, I decided to recycle it as my mini skirt bag. It’s better than putting it in closet without using it for many years or forever.
I just sewed the lower part by hand without the help of sewing machine using the very thin nylon as my thread. Closing it is now ready for things to put inside. It needs lock for the safety of things so zipper comes in. Still I hand sewed it using yellow thread this time. I just covered it with sequence to cover the yellow thread that is so ugly to see because it’s just hand sewn and to make it more clean and sexy. I had many old bags that I don’t use anymore and I found this handle lying in my shelf waiting to be used. It matches the color of the skirt and it looks so fabolous as one bag.
For final touch , I put the flower accent and Oh my God, it’s so lovely. I’m excited to use it already with my outfit.


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