Hello everyone! I made this site to showcase all my handmade bags and share it all to you for inspiration. It just made me happy seeing them finished by my hands after spending some valuable times and days with the different materials I used, blending the colors ,adding some accents, sewing some parts, crocheting the other parts and tying. At least the aches and pains of my hands will just be erased seeing them formed according to my taste.

I really have no intention of selling my bags because everytime I have them ready for use I am soo excited to match it with my clothes , and shoes. Then putting my stuffs in it , feeling the handle in my shoulder, testing the zipper , and strolling outside using it. Sometimes I sell it for those who want to have it, especially if they insisted but if not it will add a smile in my face ‘coz I will definitely use it. I love using different bags in my different outfits. Depending on where I would go, is also the size and shape of my bag that I will use. Even before when I was not making handmade bags, I love buying it in stores wth different styles and colors . Small, big , wide ,round and other different shapes.

In this site you can find photos of my handmade bags where I used it and how I used it. I want to make sure if my bags are really of good quality, comfortable to use or not out of style when I mixed and matched it with my clothes and shoes. Putting it beside a stranger’s bag while in public, like in fast-food establishment , bus, other public vehicles, malls, etc., I could definitely say, “my handmade bags are unique, durable, beautiful and not out of style”, inspiring me more to make another one with my loving hands. What I love about my bags, is that I am the only one using it, I have no copycat of my style and that when I will walk outside, I will not meet somebody using the same bag as mine which disgust me if sitting beside anyone with same bag, same color, same shape.

Maybe if I will have my own store with my own design of my handmade bag, I will sell just one piece of the product in every design I make. Maintaining its value, that its rare and you’re the only who has it. That would be the main theme of my store ” ONE DESIGN JUST MADE FOR YOU”. But not for now, my aim is to feel my bag and share it all to you.


Fitted for all occasions and any age.

There are also other accessories I made that I will include in this site. To mention a few are hairbands, purse, cellphone case.












Hairbands: hand made

material: nylon cord, ribbonettes









madeadd another page.

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